Sera Endüstriyel Reklam


serereklam-ar-ge-merkezi-noodle With its 32 years of know-how and experience since 1986, Sera Group of Companies has a wide range of activities ranging from industrial advertising, furniture sector, construction / renovation works to LED lighting design and applications, import / export digital printing technologies. Since its establishment involves its resources and values, it is a company that takes the lead with its mission to make new investments continuously in order to realize more production and employment.

serereklam-ar-ge-merkezi-noodle Sera Industrial Advertising has become a preferred institution with its employees and qualified work force, making use of many branches of the rapidly developing industry, making us more distinctive in the sector with the importance given to human resources. Sera Industrial Advertising has adopted the policy of taking all precautions for the health and safety of its employees. Our goal is to completely prevent accidents and occupational diseases. This policy employs physicians, nurses and occupational safety specialists as necessary and takes every precaution in the direction of this team's warning.

serereklam-ar-ge-merkezi-noodle Sera Industrial Advertising was established in Ankara in 1986 by qualified and experienced personnel of this sector, aware of the problems of the outdoor advertising sector. It became a company in 1996 and has become a solution partner of companies that constantly renew themselves with its expert staff, follow new technologies closely, cares trust-oriented working principle and expect quality and original design.